Emergency Contact / Medical / Covid 19 Guidelines

It is important for all parents/guardians to regularly update their contact details so that the Vacani School of  Dance Team can efficiently contact you or/and another named person in the event of an emergency.

We require parents/guardians to inform us/teachers of any known disbilities, conditions, special needs or cultural needs that might affect your child’s dance activity.

We require parents/guardian to inform us/teachers of any medications your child is currently taking eg inhaler – epipen.

We also ask that you confirm that you have read and can comply with our Covid 19 Guidelines


Does your child use an inhaler or an epipen?
Does your child use an inhaler or an epipen?
If it becomes necessary for the above named young person to receive medical treatment and I cannot be contacted to authorise this, I hereby give my general consent to any necessary medical treament and authorise the named First Aider in charge to sign any document required by the hospital authorities. CHECK BOX TO PROVIDE CONSENT. PLEASE CHECK BOX to confirm that have read and fully understand our Covid 19 Guidelines and agree to adhere to these.

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