Our Patron and former Director of the Vacani School of Dance, Elfrida Eden, will be visiting us on Sunday 2nd February to adjudicate out Choreography Competition in London, Clapham. She will be presenting every participant with a Vacani Certificate and The Vacani Cup will be presented to our Junior and Senior winners; there will also be medals for runner ups too.  HOWEVER the event for Ms Angelina is less about the competition and more about the opportunity for our young Vacani pupils to explore their creative ideas, to find a piece of music they love, and make up their very own dance which they can perform in a simple costume.

If your child is Year 1 school age, or above,  s/he is eligible to participate.  Miss Claudia, Miss Hannah, Miss Graciela, Miss Ann and Miss Georgia and I are all on hand to provide support and advise.  Additionally Miss Claudia is running some optional Wednesday Choreography sessions if your child is interested.